Enable SSL and close the window. Select Show available newsgroups and the list of newsgroups should begin to download. From the resulting list, select newsgroups you are interested in and then click on the Subscribe button. Pan (for Linux) In the Add a Server window, type v6.giganews.com. For the Port, enter either 119 (non-SSL) or 563 (SSL).

The Giganews accelerator connects with SSL on NNTP port 563 so it can still be throttled. First if by NL you are referring to Newsleecher then you actually don't actually need the accelerator and in fact running both can cause issues. The first thing I would like you to do is remove the Accelerator from your machine. Oct 22, 2019 · With Giganews accelerator, all logins are secured through SSL. As said above, it does not matter whether you have purchased the SSL encryption package. Remember that your logins are private. Real-time reports With real-time functionality, it is possible to know the number of connections that you can open and the commands, which are being issued. Several users have contacted me complaining about connection problems to Astraweb using SSL. We've been able to solve this in many cases by suggesting they use port 443 in the server options. 1 - In the server options, set the SSL port to 443 2 - Restart Newsbin. Jul 17, 2016 · FWIW & FYI: I wrote a script that checks the SSL/TLS connection of a newsserver on port 563, requiring a correct connection. It needs ssl.SSLContext(), which was introduced in Python 2.7.9.

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Alternate ports are a great way to avoid traffic shaping. If you notice your connection is slow then your ISP might be throttling Usenet traffic through throttling the default NNTP ports which are 119 for non-secure and 563 for SSL. Using an alternate port should help get around this issue. NNTP Servers and Port numbers Giganews is the best Usenet provider. Subscribers have long raved about their retention, speed, and reliability. Giganews was the first Usenet provider to exceed two years of retention, offer SSL, and have 50 connection plans. They continue to push Newsgroups into new and exciting territory! Giganews Highlights Retention: Jan 23, 2007 · Giganews has therefore recently added support on port 443, the standard for HTTPs - A protocol no provider wants to limit.This effectively defeats all known traffic shaping systems - But be aware that the more users do this, the more this will once again become a concern to those providers, and they still have some weapons left - Like limiting

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B –Port: use port 443, 563 or 8080 for secure or port 119, 23, 25, 3128, 8000 or 9000 for standard connections. C – Server Nickname: anything you want D – Connections: UseNetServer supports up to 20 connections. E – Check “Encrypted Server Connection (SSL)” for …