Unfortunately, it’s likely that cyber-bullying will always exist. If you’re a victim of cyber-bullying and you feel helpless, know that you have the power to put an end to the abuse. By following the tips in this guide, you should be able to solve any difficult situation that may arise during your online experience.

Cyber Bullying: Statistics and Tips. In the 2003-04 school year, i-SAFE America surveyed students from across the country on a new topic: Cyber Bullying. It is a topic that not many adults were talking about. It turns out to be a topic all too familiar with students. Bullying is no longer about the strong picking on the weak in the schoolyard. Cyber Bullying In the News. A young girl attempted suicide after being cyber bullied for months due to some embarrassing photos of her that were posted on Facebook. The girl’s mother said as the bullying continued her daughter would refuse to go to school or would go in late to avoid her tormenters. Everyone should know how to be safe when surfing the web, but internet safety tips and tricks are spread out all over the web without a go-to resource. Since the majority of internet scam and virus victims are students and young people, Open Colleges is a perfect place to post the very first full guide to being safe on the internet. Resources and strategies to help combat bullying and cyberbullying. S. & Patchin, J.W. (2018). Cell phone safety: Top ten tips for teens. Cyberbullying Research

Online Safety tips to prevent Cyber Bullying. Monitoring kids online activities and their friend circle is an important step to avoid your child from online bullying. As internet can be breeding ground for 24 hours bullying arena, encourage child to have friends in the offline world in neighbourhood community and other areas. 1.

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs online, often through instant messaging, text messages, emails, and social networks. Cyberbullies may be the same age as the victims, or they may be older. If the perpetrator is an adult, it is generally called cyber-stalking or cyberharassment.

Make sure you or your children tell their school if the bullying is school related or involves another student. If you or your children are threatened with harm, contact your local police. Watch for the warning signs of being cyberbullied, such as reluctance to use the computer, a change in your child’s behavior and mood, or reluctance to go

With kids owning smartphones as early as age 6, knowing the basics of cyber safety is key. What Every Parents Needs to Know About Protecting Their Child from Cyberbullying Bullying behavior has been around forever, but cyberbullying presents new challenges—and kids today are the first to experience them. Learn more about cyber bullying and all the internet dangers . Protect Our Kids from online predators. Tips for parents from SOS Safety Magazine. Help protect kids against cyberbullying with these tips: Limit where your children post personal information: Be careful who can access contact information or details about your children’s interests, habits or employment to reduce their exposure to bullies that they do not know. Limiting the information about them online may also limit their Internet Safety 101 SM Program Video: Cyberbullying Gone are the days when a child’s home is a refuge from playground or neighborhood bullies. The Internet is the new playground, and there are no off-hours.