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Remote Desktop for Windows 10 exiting preview - Microsoft While the initial preview period for the Windows 10 version of the app is over, you will continue seeing two apps in the Store: Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview. If you simply want to use the app for your day-to-day remoting needs, it is recommended to install the Remote Desktop version. This app has a slower update cadence How to gain access to local files in a remote desktop Jul 11, 2017 24 Shortcuts for Windows Remote Desktop (Windows)

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Remote Desktop Server Licensing To complete the activation process, you need the product ID listed in the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager tool. For more information, see Activate a Remote Desktop License Server. Install client access licenses. After a license server is activated, you can install Remote Desktop Services client access licenses (RDS CALs). Remote desktop when using Microsoft account for login Nov 03, 2017

How to gain access to local files in a remote desktop

Deploying Microsoft Access in a Remote Environment May 11, 2017