Pokémon GO has always had its fair share of server issues, downtime, and other problems. The game launched back in 2016 and become such a phenomenon that players had to deal with problems for weeks, often locking them out of the game entirely. Most of those were worked out long ago, but periods of

@TeamYouTube @Mango_Kick We recommend sending a feedback report directly from the YouTube app (Main Menu > Help & feedback). You may not get a reply, but this directs your concern to the right team + it also includes system logs & specific … Epic Games Public Status Investigating - We've identified issues related to matchmaking and scoring in today's tournaments. We are working to resolve the issues ASAP. Mongraal Cup will be restarted at 9:30 CEST, while EmadGG Cup will start at 3:30 EDT. Arena is currently disabled + Daily Trios for NAE and BR will be voided. Is the youtube server down? | Yahoo Answers

May 11, 2020

Google Chrome - Error 521: Web server is down - YouTube Apr 30, 2016 Fixing The Error The authentication servers are - YouTube Dec 20, 2016

Oct 17, 2018

YouTube servers are down | Homesteading Forum