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Streaming video on the Sony playstation ps3 seems to have Jul 15, 2013 iPlayer viewers must have TV licence but BBC can’t track Viewers caught watching BBC iPlayer or live TV without a licence could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000, plus legal costs. But, at this stage, the BBC has said it won't be enforcing the new law. Mission impossible - BBC iPlayer on PS3? - English Forum Nov 25, 2009 Bbc I Player

Nov 25, 2009

On 2 December 2008, the BBC provided an official iPlayer application widget for the PS3. Shortly after release, the PS3 accounted for 6% of all iPlayer traffic, making it the third most popular platform used to access the service behind personal computers (85%) and mobile phones and iPods (7%). [111] iSmooch: Watch the BBC iPlayer on the PS3

This new iPlayer service is easy for PS3 users as they will be able to stream the BBC content through a link on the PSN. Whilst it uses the word link it says "on the PSN", I suppose it's possible the Video store, that will definitely be used for streaming OR downloading movies, could also be linked to the iPlayer …

BBC iplayer on the PS3 | AVForums Feb 08, 2008 BBC iPlayer 'made for TV' launches on PS3 The BBC has today launched a new version of BBC iPlayer on Sony's PlayStation 3 console with a simplified design that "evolves beyond catch-up into a complete connected TV experience". BBC iPlayer 3 for PS3 | Gamepur