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Remote Access - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory May 14, 2020 Logging In | High Performance Computing - Logging in to LLNL Machines. Login methods vary, depending upon where you are coming from and where you want to go. CZ systems | RZ systems | CZ web access | RZ web access | SCF systems | SCF web access. The instructions below assume that the Access Prerequisites have been met. All access requires SSH (version 2) as described in Using SSH to Access LC Machines. LTRAIN External Courses | Lawrence Livermore National

It is especially useful in sharing files with people outside the LLNL firewall. The site offers an alternative to sending/receiving documents as e-mail attachments. It also provides a way for employees to access documents from home, without using an access account to get through the firewall (VPN ). The FTP Server is at

10.4. Computer Access | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Access to NIF setup tools currently requires a virtual private network (VPN). Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 7000 East Avenue • Livermore, CA 94550. Operated by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, LLC for the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. LLNL … How to: Use the FTP server (

What is a Virtual Private Network? A VPN is a network built for the private use of a particular institution over the shared public infrastructure. VPNs work by establishing secure "tunnels" for the transfer of information. Because the data which passes through such tunnels is encrypted, it is protected from unauthorized access.

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