Introducing the LDAP Authentication Plugin in Percona

Plugin Name: ldap_login_password_and_role_manager (5 total ratings) Enables LDAP for user authentication, password management and role management. Frank Koenen 400+ active installations Tested with 4.7.18 Updated 3 years ago Active Directory Integration/LDAP … pGina fork How the LDAP Plugin Works. The LDAP plugin provides pGina services using an LDAP server as the primary data source. It provides support for SSL encryption and failover to one or more alternate servers. Authentication. In the authentication stages, this plugin maps the user name to a LDAP Distinguished Name (DN) and attempts to bind to the LDAP Plugins — Bareos Documentation documentation LDAP Plugin¶ This plugin is intended to backup (and restore) the contents of a LDAP server. It uses normal LDAP operation for this. The package bareos-filedaemon-ldap-python-plugin (Version >= 15.2.0) contains an example configuration file, that must be adapted to your envirnoment. LDAP Plugin - Emby Server - Emby Community

Aug 02, 2013

LDAP-based authentication and group lookup support - IBM The following information applies only when you are using the DB2 LDAP plugin modules for authentication and group look-up with the SSL option on the Linux, HP and Solaris operating systems. The SSL option referred to here is the setting of the ENABLE_SSL attribute to TRUE in the IBMLDAPSEcurity.ini configuration file. Moodle plugins directory: LDAP server (Sync Plus) Moodle core's auth_ldap authentication plugin is a great basis for authenticating users in Moodle. However, as Moodle core's auth_ldap is somehow limited in several aspects and there is no prospect to have it improved in Moodle core, we have implemented an extended version for LDAP authentication with these key features:

Step 2: Setup miniOrange LDAP/AD Login for Intranet Sites plugin. After successful activation you will see the Icon of LDAP/AD plugin in the menus displayed on the left side on your admin dashboard. Click on the Icon to open LDAP/AD plugin configuration. Click on Register or Login with miniOrange link as shown in the below screenshot.

How do you configure and test the Active Direct | Pharos Aug 02, 2013 Installing Apache Directory Studio in Eclipse — Apache Installing Apache Directory Studio in Eclipse¶. Note: The Apache Directory Studio plugins require Java 8 or newer and a recent Eclipse version. From workbench menu Active Directory | Jenkins plugin Active Directory plugin performs TLS upgrade (StartTLS), it connects to domain controllers through insecure LDAP, then from within the LDAP protocol it "upgrades" the connection to use TLS, achieving the same degree of confidentiality and server authentication as LDAPS does. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate - Plugins | JetBrains